Neuro-Stabilization Rehabilitation in Auburn WA

It’s a loud message to your brain that can interfere with just about everything else! It affects our focus mentally. It affects our attitudes toward ourselves and others emotionally. Physically, it can cause an array of problems, but most notably it causes muscles to contract at the wrong times. This part becomes important when we try to perform any activity and coordination and balance are off. We see it many times when someone who has sprained an ankle, can’t walk normally and so, they hobble.

Muscle contraction in the correct order is hugely important but almost impossible to do correctly when there is a pain message screaming to your brain! This is where Neuro-Stabilization Rehabilitation in Auburn WA can help.

How our Auburn WA Chiropractor Can Help

What if we could quiet down that message meanwhile retraining the muscles the way they were supposed to work? Our Auburn WA chiropractor is proud to be one of only a handful of Washington State Chiropractors offering Neuro-Stabilization Rehab as part of our Advanced Disc Restoration Program. Along with Neural Flex Spinal Decompression and Low Level Laser Therapy, Neuro-Stabilization Rehab comes full circle to bring one of the most comprehensive and advanced technological and research supported approaches to Disc treatment there is available today.


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